FOBO is an adjustable spot-light designed to be a professional optical instrument. The solution for accent lighting. 



FOBO, is able to enhance through the light the object and the area to be illuminated. Its innovative design is the result of an original synthesis between the curve of the cylinder and the sharp lines of the parallelepiped. Available in two different sizes (FOBO1 and FOBO2) in order to house a wide range of luminous sources.


It can be wall or ceiling mounted, and it can also be integrated in track-systems working at net tension. The range of available light sources includes: metal halide lamps, dichroic lamps and LED for what concerns FOBO1; metal halide lamps, low voltage halogen lamps and LED for FOBO2.















The spot is adjustable up to 90° on the vertical axis and up to 340° on the horizontal axis and is fitted with a graduated scale to facilitate orientation; lamp replacement is fast and easy and does not require any specific tools. Electronic wiring for the following lamps: LED, available in various light beam angles and in colours 3000K and 4000K (different colours available on request), metal halide lamps, and EnergySaver halogen lamps. 

Die-cast aluminium with anti-yellowing UV-ray stabilized polyester powder painting; where present, the reflector is in 99.9 aluminium, oxidised and polished by anodising (the anodising treatment ensures the absence of any cracks, as well as high lighting performances); the tempered, anti-thermal shock glass is supported by a thermoplastic ring.




Fobo 1 e 2 LED with LEDs are available in completely and locally dimmable version from 0 to 100%. Available accessories: parallel visor, slanted visor, visor with fins, louvre, reflectors: 46° diffusing and 11° concentrating reflector for Metal halide FOBO1 and 75° diffusing and 18° concentrating reflector for Metal Halide FOBO2. IP20 protection class, electrical insulation class: I. Appliance built in full compliance with standards EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-1.












With Fobo LED module, carefully controlling both the LED and phosphor specification, a CRI of Ra over 95 is achieved, compared to a CRI of Ra over 80 with the standard range. Typically the Color Rendering Index evaluates only the first 8 pastel reference samples of the conventional CRI metric. This module is optimized to deliver excellent results for the more saturated and skin color samples of the CRI reference set. For the deep red R9 reference sample, a value of 96 has been achieved in the 3000K version. The R9 value exceeds 85 in the 4000K version. These results are on a par with halogen lamps and outperform other LED solutions as well as compact fluorescent and compact metal halide lamps.


Our Fobo Spotlights with LED modules are available in a range of Color Temperatures: 3000K and 4000K. Each is targeted exactly on the Black Body Locus for perfectly natural white light. Each has a very tight color point conformity, with a 1 x 2 MacAdam ellipse tolerance, outperforming the ANSI C78.377 standard which equates to a 7 ellipse tolerance. LED binning becomes a thing of the past.

This technology (Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology) tunes the separated phosphor mix to counter any differences in wavelengths of the LEDs in the modules. This ensures a perfectly uniform and perfectly natural.


Halogen lamps and LED arrays can suffer from local variations of light over a surface due to non-uniform illuminance of the source. The FOBO LED module has a uniform (Lambertian) emitting disk as source, which is reflected in a perfectly uniform beam with no multiple shadows or colour variations over angle.

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