The pedestrian suspension bridge stretching across Lake Vagli (LU) is one of the most impressive bridges in Italy.


The hugeness of the structure and the illumination, accurately designed to enhance each single element, adorn the gorgeous landscape, historically recognized for its peculiarities, indeed this lake shields the sunken village of Fabbriche di Careggine.


Vagli bridge, 140-metre-long, is held in place by steel pillars, which are positioned on either side of the lake.


On the top side of the pillars and on the banks of the lake are installed Arcluce NADIR floodlights. These fittings have spot and wide optics in the pillar installation to illuminate the whole length of the structure, and enhance the aesthetic of the geometric shape, and are with RGB version on the banks of the lake to project green, white and red effects onto the length of the bridge.


Arcluce MOTO floodlights on the top side of the pillars illuminate the entrance to the bridge. This high level of illumination could be easily varied with the softer effect of the step lights, Arcluce STONE 55, as an alternative, which are installed all along the pedestrian path way.


All the fitting groups are independent of each other and could be independently controlled according to the desired illumination of the pedestrian passage, the entrance area or the whole bridge.




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