When selecting the best interface and most suitable light management system, we should consider many different aspects, such as the personal lighting needs, the enhancement of the general wellness perception, the peculiarities of the application area where we are operating, and the needs coming from easier installation and maintenance.

Arcluce is always focusing on more digital and cutting edge light control interfaces. Among the most recent lighting management systems introduced, there is the bluetooth control.

If equipped with Phase-Cut, 1-10V, DALI or DMX fittings, by controlling the light with your smartphone, tablet or pc, through bluetooth or wireless, you could create in an immediate and user-friendly way the desired scenarios.

When using modern light management systems we have a correct use of light fittings and considerable advantages:





Broschüren und Kataloge

  • LUNIO - Urban lighting

    Die-cast aluminium body, developed and produced to illuminate urban spaces, stands out for design and shape.


    DOT, INTIS e TULA are our last exterior lighting proposals and are suitable for a broad range of settings.

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