Corso 50 is a system using modular components which could be combined together to create elbow joint or continuous lines. Recessed or ceiling mounted, with or without trim, it could install adjustable and removable mini-spot systems inside it, as the optimal solution to create focused spot lights and highlight details such as shop’s goods, gallery paintings or interior design details in a broader space.


The continuous line installations allow the optics’ positioning in the required place, to illuminate commercial, retail, business and residential areas in a modular way, as often needed in demanding areas where setting and design use to change frequently.






Three simple and harmonic spots, put together by a unique application structure installed within the channel, compose Corso50-spot. The three spots could be moved one by one, so as to illuminate the different areas of the space in an independent way.


A dedicated and personalized lighting, made by mini-spots, could give an identity to exhibition areas with objects of different shapes and materials, and it is not invasive thanks to the recessed mounting installation.




Broschüren und Kataloge

  • LUNIO - Urban lighting

    Die-cast aluminium body, developed and produced to illuminate urban spaces, stands out for design and shape.


    DOT, INTIS e TULA are our last exterior lighting proposals and are suitable for a broad range of settings.

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