Certification ISO-9001



For more than 10 years ARCLUCE has been granted the ISO 9001 certification (download) thanks to its continuous efforts to implement management, manufacturing and design techniques aiming at the continuous improvement of products and processes for customer complete satisfaction, always complying with current regulations.
According to the ISO 9001 standard, the creation of a management system should focus on:


  1. 1. customers and their complete satisfaction.
  2. 2. the concept of company as a set of processes closely related to each other and aimed to provide products that always meet the set requirements.
  3. 3. the importance of pursuing performance continuous improvement.


Quality management implies the management of the effectiveness and efficacy of processes through:


  1. 1. process understanding, management and monitoring.
  2. 2. the ability to involve human resources.
  3. 3. the central role of company’s Top Management.


The ISO 9001 standard sets out the quality management system requirements to be used within the organization, as well as for the certification and for the contractual relationships. It focuses on the effectiveness of the quality management system in meeting customer requirements. It is the reference document setting out the minimum compliance requirements for being granted the certification.
The ISO 9001 standard is oriented towards product and/or service quality and it has the following relevant advantages:


  1. 1. Managing the effectiveness of one’s own business contributing to improve the results of everybody’s work and the compliance with the requirements of the following user.
  2. 2. Adopting a monitoring and measuring system that can guarantee the effectiveness of checks.
  3. 3. Increasing the competitiveness and reliability/visibility on the reference market.
  4. 4. Boasting a world-class certification, which is an additional element for submitting a tender.


The prestige and competence of the Italian Certification Body CSQA that issues the certificate give added value to the certification achieved. Being granted a certification by an accredited body implies gaining credibility and reliability on an international level, for both companies and end users. Furthermore, being CSQA a member of IQNet, the companies achieving the CSQA / IQNet certification are guaranteed a document that is effective, acknowledged and valid worldwide. IQNet is the world’s largest association of certification bodies, and within this organisation the certifications issued by its members are mutually acknowledged.

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