A LED only light fitting for urban lighting, the result of constant research of Arcluce for innovation.  


Lunio Street is a part of the Arcluce Lunio family, completed by Lunio and LUNIO 7.

LUNIO STREET is a solution for urban and street lighting with asymmetric optics from 3000 to 4000K; it can be used with classic pole and “whip”. It can be easily integrated for context such as parks, urban areas, roads and walkways. 


The LED light sources are concentrated in a single window from which the light is directed by high-performance lenses. Arcluce is strongly focused on managing the light and therefore the company has created a product designed to properly direct the flow of light illuminating towards the target area, thus preventing glare.




 Technical features:

- Die-cast aluminium body.

- Silicone rubber gaskets.

- AISI 316 stainless steel external screws.

- Double layer polyester powder paint resistant to corrosion and salt spray fog.

- Wiring on removable galvanized steel tray.

- Knife-switch for automatic power disconnection when opened.

- LED Driver protected against voltage surges up to 6kV.

- Nominal LED efficiency greater than 109 lumen/Watt (4000K - 700mA - CRI>70 - Tj=85°C). 

- LED life time: > 50000h with L70.




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