Corso 50 is a system using modular components which could be combined to create elbow jointed or continuous line fittings. This system can be recess or ceiling mounted and fitted with or without trim.


Adjustable or removable mini spot fittings could be installed within the system in order to create focused lighting to highlight specific details such as products, paintings or interior design features in a larger space.


The continuous line installations allow the optics to be positioned to best illuminate commercial, retail, business and residential areas in a modular way; as is often needed in demanding areas where setting and design are frequently changed.






Three of these simple yet elegant spots, Corso 50-spot, are installed within a recessed channel using a unique application technique. The three fittings could be independently tilted and rotated so as to illuminate the different areas of the space.


A dedicated and personalised lighting installation using these mini spots could give unique identity to exhibition areas with objects of differing shapes and materials without being invasive due to the recessed installation.





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