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Arcluce offers a wide range of items for interior lighting. From design to production process everything is carefully controlled within the company.


Spotlights recessed ceiling available with fixed or swivel optics. Body in die-cast aluminum or steel. The wide range of luminaires includes round and square frames. LED light sources emit light with no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, making it suitable for illuminating objects that are sensitive to the deterioration caused by these emissions. Accessorised with safety glass tempered glass resistant to thermal shock.


Suspended industrial reflector for lighting of industrial areas with cast aluminum body with wide cooling fins. Reflector pressed prismatic designed so that the light rays do not return to the lamp surriscaldandola and so as to obtain a high control of the flow and a high yield.


Suspended industrial reflector for lighting of industrial commercial areas such as shopping malls, sports arenas, and everywhere as a low degree of protection. It made of pressed steel body with cooling grids painted with powder paint resistant to corrosion, weathering and saline.


Biparabolic reflector with low luminance 65° thick anodized aluminum specular non- 2μm. On request: wiring for an emergency lamp always lit - 3 hours autonomy. A request emergency wiring with self-test.

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