Ceiling luminaires (Products for Outdoor lighting)

Products with high performance lighting and equipped with system installation easier. Some versions of the product can be used as pendant luminaires.


Reclaim spaces, whether it is a private residence or communal area, this is the goal of DOT. A soft and diffuse light that enables us to enjoy porches and lobbies, or safely cross-driveways and walkways. All of this in a compact fixture that can be ceiling or wall mounted.  Suitable for outdoor use.


Relevant architecture needs discreet but powerful lighting, able to highlight details without stealing the form. INTIS was conceived with this mission. With a modern and compact style, it can create sharp visual scenarios with vigorous contrasts or more relaxing settings with soft lighting, that enhances material textures. In addition to the ceiling mounted version there is also the suspended version.


Surface-mounted modular, composed of a die cast aluminum protected and adorned by a steel cover that can accommodate up to two modules of the product, ideal solution for large environments. Exclusively LED available with power of 50W for single module, it presents different beams: narrow, medium, wide beam, very wide beam and asymmetric. MOTO3 find optimal placement in the exhibition halls, large areas such as bars, restaurants and exhibitions.

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