A highly professional fitting specifically conceived to light facades. 



TULA emphasize the architectural elements. Its compact and minimal design is a union between the soft and perfect shape of the circle and the sharp geometry of the parallelepiped.

Thanks to the small dimensions and the wide range of available colors, TULA is suitable for several applications and - above all - to be integrated smoothly within the context in which it is inserted.


In this way, the focus is only on the light effects, emphasized even more, while the fitting itself becomes almost invisible. TULA is also an extreme functional fitting: once installed, the distance from the wall is perfect to create uniformity of lighting and avoid contrasts on the surface.

The use of LED light sources guarantees bigger energy savings and a longer lifetime of the fittings, minimizing the costs and the maintenance requirements.


Technical features:

- Light fitting made of die-cast aluminium.

- Polyester powder paint resistant to corrosion, atmospheric conditions and salt spray fog.

- Thermal-shock resistant tempered glass diffuser.

-  Silicon rubber gaskets.

- Tin grommed fog one cable entry.

- Stainless steel external screws.

- It complies with the EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-1.

- Patented fitting.



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