Stone-Thunder 55

ARCLUCE confirms its commitment to designing and developing innovative and high quality products and offers Stone 55 and Thunder 55, two new recessed wall and driveways lighting fittings only with LEDs.

Whether it's decorative lighting or orientation, Thunder and Stone 55 are the ideal solution for applications that require a functional and effect light.


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Thanks to the concealed and small size they perfectly fit into walls and into the ground applications while maintaining a discreet presence during the day. The minimal and sophisticated design blends into any architectural environment, ensuring, thanks to LED light sources, a uniform and constant light output.


The use of lenses specially designed allows to optimize the efficiency and to control the intensity of light, ensuring high performance lighting. The light distribution may be unidirectional or radial, depending on the chosen optic.

The low power consumption and high operating life typical of LED technology, along with excellent shocks resistance thanks to a careful choice of materials, make these devices a reliable solution over time under any conditions of installation.


Thunder and Stone 55 can be used to draw paths of light, illuminating stairways and walkways but also to enhance the building architecture creating special lighting effects.Stone


The fittings are available in 3000K and 5000K, and upon request, with different LED colors for a versatile and custom lighting solution. The range of recessed lighting fittings of ARCLUCE expands with these new solutions for a more and more flexible and complete response to project and lighting requirements.



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