A range of downlighters characterized by extremely stylish design and a large number of different indoor lighting professional solutions.


The TANTUM - QUANTUM series consists of a range of downlighters characterized by extremely stylish design and a large number of different indoor lighting professional solutions. The two lines making up this series stand out for the shape oftheir frame, which is round (TANTUM) or square (QUANTUM); in both cases it is available with a 80mm, 130mm and 210mm diameter and is in die-cast aluminium.

There are many different types of light sources available, and as many high-performance optics. All appliances in the TANTUM - QUANTUM series come with various types of optics, accessories, and reflectors allowing to obtain the ideal light effect in all circumstances: dark-light or wall-washer reflector, cross-louver, IP44 transparent or satin glass, adjustable optic assembly.

The range also allows to combine different appliances by means of a stylish die-cast aluminium profile, specifically designed to create compositions capable of meeting any and all aesthetic and decorative needs.

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Technical description:

- Die-cast aluminium body.

- UV rays stabilized anti-yellowing polyester powder paint.

- Anode polished and oxidated 99,98 aluminium reflector.

- UV rays stabilized thermoplastic shatterproof anti-yellowing, 850°C glow wire test resistant, V0 self-extinguishing, high-vacuum metalized reflector for high efficiency and directional control of the light beam.

- Thermal-shock resistant tempered glass diffuser. It complies with the EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-2 Standards.





Three diameters and different optics available

The TANTUM-QUANTUM series is characterized by a range of shapes (round frame and square frame) and measures (80, 130 and 210mm) which permit a high flexibility in the choice of the environments to be illuminated and possible applications. The new diameter, 80mm, and the new optics, specifically designed for high power LED light sources, adjustable, asymmetric, wall washer, narrow, diffusing and spot, allow to have a versatile and technically advanced range of lighting fixtures. TANTUM-QUANTUM are the ideal solution for hotels, offices, shops, malls, museums, airports, cinemas, theaters, residential buildings and for any environment where a product for technical lighting reliable and well designed is required.









Available power from 10W (400 lm) up to 60W (4000 lm)

Arcluce mountes LED modules ranging from a power of 10W for 400 lm of TANTUM 80 - QUANTUM 80 up to 60W for 4000 lm of QUANTUM 210. The range of powers available allows different levels of illumination depending on the chosen diameter and type of installation. The average and maximum values of lux obtained and the glare parameters are calculated by periodical measurements made during the entire design and development process.

Heat dissipation for constant performance

The dissipation devices are essential for the smooth operation and long life of LED sources: Arcluce optimizes the junction temperature of diodes using passive heat sinks characterized by high performance achieved by the combination of highly conductive materials and shapes that maximize the natural convection: the product has been studied and tested in order to maintain the junction temperature below 90°C with an external temperature of 40°C.


Maintenance over time of the light emission

The LEDs retain 70% of the starting light emission even after 50,000 hours, according to the standard EN50107. Comparing the duration of the LEDs with that of traditional lamps, we note that: the average life of a filament bulb is about 1,000/1,500 hours, a discharge lamp is 4,000 hours and a fluorescent lamp is 6,000 hours.




Natural Light 

The symbol identifies Arcluce NATURAL LIGHT products that feature: 

  • CRI > 95
  • High levels of maintenance over time of the lumen flow

  • High levels of maintenance over time of the color rendering
  • High levels of maintenance over time of the color point

The quality of light is close to the natural one that returns vivid and realistic colors. These devices are the ideal solution for museum, retail or exhibition applications and where it is required a high standard in terms of color rendering, uniformity of shape and color of the light beam and high values of the maintenance over time of these characteristics.

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