The idea that inspires new projectors range NADIR is based on the modular flexibility of the application and the high efficiency of the light source.



The device, designed exclusively for LED solutions, responds to the needs of versatility that lighting outdoor or indoor areas are very large, such as service stations, warehouses and sports fields of medium size. Given the high adaptability of the device, the different versions are available: a projector for outdoor walkways and sports medium sized pitch, surface-mounted and suspended for railway stations and warehouses, built for public lobby areas and large inland. The application is characterized by an essential design in order to optimize the lighting performance with a polymer window  which is connected with a wide dissipating surface in square frame.

To give greater benefit to the LED light source, a thermoplastic reflector was selected, with a high electrical resistance, in order to make the high-performance device, which has a power range of 150 to 450 W and light beams from 15,000 to 48,000 lumens. The attention to lighting solutions give a very flexible device, having at its disposal a wide range of optics, concentrated or radial symmetrical, elliptical beams or wall washer particularly the suspension, recessed and surface-mounted versions. For the protection of the optics Arcluce chose a polymer screen which ensures a protection degree of IP66 as well as the shatterproof, security topic required for outdoor installations such as sports fields.
Attention to detail lighting is accompanied by a commitment to the creation of products for easy installation and maintenance: NADIR fully responds to these features, incorporating a switch for operator safety in case of intervention and a further protection of the device if hits by an event of electrical noise (ex. thunderbolt).
Taking care of the design and the context in which the device can be inserted, wirings are not visible and the driver is included in the unit, except for the built-in version, which still provides a hidden driver into the same place in which the application is installed.
The different NADIR versions are equipped with NTC technology in order to preserve the source LED from overheating, and tele control system to exploit the full potential of the device and make it flexible lighting according to the intended use.

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Technical description modular fitting:

  • Light fitting die-cast aluminium body.
  • Double layer polyester powder paint resistant to corrosion, atmospheric conditions and salt spray fog.
  • Lenses are manufactured with optical grade PMMA with high UV and temperature resistance or UV rays stabilized thermoplastic shatterproof antiyellowing, 850 °C glow wire test resistant, V0 selfextinguishing, high-vacuum metalized reflector for high efficiency and directional control of the light beam.
  • Transparent, anti-yellowing UV-rays stabilized, shatterproof polycarbonate diffuser. 850 °C glow wire est resistant, V0 selfextinguishing. Thermal-shock resistant and tempered safety glass.
  • Silicone rubber gaskets.
  • Stainless steel external screws.
  • Nominal monochip LED efficacy greater than 105 lumen/Watt (4000 - 700mA - CRI > 80 - Tj=85°C) or nominal LED efficacy greater than 118 lumen/Watt (4000 - 500mA - CRI > 70 - Tj= 85°C)
    LED life time > 50000h with L70.
  • High colour consistency: < 3 SDCM.
  • Driver protected against voltage surges up to 4 kV.
  • It complies with the EN 60598.



Six different optics for many applications




The modular composition of the appliance and, consequently, the adaptability to different environments is guaranteed by the numerous optical present in the various versions of the product.

The exclusive use of LED light source, available in single-chip and multi-chip, allows a very wide availability of optics: narrow beam for a focus on a particular detail, medium beam for uniform coverage of the surface illumination, wide beam to cover large environments, ultra-wide beam to include areas difficult to reach, asymmetric beam in case you need to illuminate an area by restricting the orientation of the device and elliptical beam ellettic to have a wall-washer effect on the walls.







Projector version

NADIR INstallation


NADIR projector has four different versions: the version single side with two light fittings, the version single side with three light fittings, while in versions with four and six light fittings we have the double side solution. Distinctiveness of NADIR version projector is the presence of different optical solutions: with a narrow beam, medium beam, wide beam and asymmetric beam.
The presence of a steel bracket ensures a robust fixing to the point of application and, at the same time, it allows to manage the angle of the product in the desired direction, ensuring a high degree of efficiency and flexibility.






Ceiling Luminaire version


The NADIR ceiling has two variants, both with double side version emitting double: one with 4 units and the other with 6 units. The two versions provide for four different optics: narrow beam, medium beam, wide beam and very broad. The power of the equipment is available from 288W to 432W, which allows efficiency of the light source of the device between 28,000 and 35,000 lumens. Thanks to this performance, you can use the equipment in tunnels, underpasses as interior walkways and underground cold storage.













MOTO is the single version of the module NADIR: the solution that allows you to have a very flexible projector, available in two large families, with control gear included and not included. MOTO is also available as decorative fitting in RGB version; the device has a high performance thanks to its six lenses. The adjustable bracket allows a complete rotation of 180° of the device, so that it can be used for decorative external environments such as shops entrance, adornment of natural and architectural attraction.








The flexibility of the modular design of the NADIR gives life to MOTO3, a product can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. Featuring a cover that covers the product, the solution is available in two versions: suspended-mount  and ceiling. The suspended-mount solution has two variants, one with flush cover and the other one anti-glare screen; the ceiling solution instead is characterized by the flush screen solution, but with the possibility to insert up to three devices in the case, available on our catalogue. In both versions, the single module has a power from 54W to 72W, with optical performance up to 4,600 lumens luminaire.









Designed to be used as a recessed-floor fitting, QUAD has a tempered safety glass with a AISI 316L stainless steel frame, features that allow the fitting to bear a weight of up to 1,500 kg and a protection degree equivalent to IP67. The flexibility of the product is guaranteed by the its three versions: with remote LED driver, with LED driver on the side and with LED driver integrated. The optical power equal to 40W can issue up to 2850 lumens; also available in RGB.











The flexibility of the modular design of the NADIR allows customers to have a solution as wall-recessed fitting: ASTOR. Available with driver included and separated, the models available have a lighting power from 36W to 40W and with a luminous efficacy of the device until 2700 lumens, variable depending on the type of screen you choose, opal or transparent. Equipped with a high protection degree equivalent to IP67, ASTOR has two optical solutions: a version with a wide beam and angle of 110 ° and one with an asymmetrical beam, ideal for walkways and avenues of hotel facilities.

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