RIGO - Modular System


Ideal choice for ambient lighting, as well as for scenic or decorative lighting. Freedom to create solutions and express ideas in light is RIGO’s philosophy. Infinite combinations and possibilities of application make it the ideal choice for ambient lighting, as well as for scenic or decorative lighting.



RIGO has been designed for a wide range of solutions: easily installed as a suspended, recessed (with – version RIGO-IN – or without trim) as well as ceiling mounted fitting, it produces different yet correlated environments. 

Its main feature is the creation of endless light lines which can run along the walls and the ceilings, thus drawing the relation between light and space.


RIGO modules have been designed to be easily and quickly installed. Different optics can be inserted with ease; in addition, thanks to clip springs and the tab release for the LED module, the maintenance of the fitting is simple and does not require a screwdriver.

Wallwasher version is suitable for lighting exhibition itineraries; its high-performance optics has been studied to highlight the desired area in a non-invasive way and uniformly.

Modules, angular joints and dedicated accessories make it possible to connect two or more fittings, allowing the construction of three dimensional light tracks in ceiling, wall or ceiling-wall options. The system is, therefore, suitable for any kind of indoor environment.


The framed version completes RIGO30 range to cover all the possible application needs. RIGO-IN30 is suitable for recessed mount only, both for ceiling and wall.












The Glare Controlled optic (GCO) allows a more comfortable light avoiding glare.








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