FOBO 1 in the Shop


#lightevolution - Arcluce Interior Upgrade 2016 - Light+Building 2016 - FOBO 1.





The lighting in retail can contribute to the difference between a successful or an average business.

The use of the light within a shop should reflect the retail brand identity, and collaborate in the creation of a perceived image similar to the desired one.


FOBO1 is an adjustable spot able to enhance through the light the object and the area to be illuminated, and it is perfectly suitable for the retail, it is adjustable up to 90° on the vertical axis and up to 340° on the horizontal axis and is equipped with a graduated scale to facilitate orientation.

It is made of die-cast aluminium with anti-yellowing UV-ray stabilized polyester powder painting; the reflector is in 99.9 aluminium, oxidised and polished by anodising (the anodising treatment ensures the absence of any cracks, as well as high lighting performances).


FOBO1 has different available accessories: parallel visor, slanted visor, visor with fins, louvre, and various reflectors to have the sought light effect in each situation. The cutting-edge LED ensure a high chromatic rendering (CRI>90) for a entirely uniform and natural light.







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