Lighting and garden design in the center of Milan




This wide terrace in the center of Milan is certainly out of ordinary, we are immediately thrown into a space almost similar to a private balcony or a loft of a pub with a view on the skyscrapers that in these years have changed the city skyline. This space, created by Marietta Strasoldo Garden Designer and accurately illuminated by Arcluce in collaboration with Progress Elettrotecnica, is the terrace of the SG&A notarial studio, but for its beauty and welcome it could be easily used as location for events.


The wide glass windows of the office allow a direct access to the terrace, where the sittings are distributed on two round areas and three squared ones, each one with garden decor. On the right of the terrace there is a vertical wall, on the other side a balcony-waterfall. The opposite side of the terrace entrance, which faces the street, is composed by big steps decorated with plants and benches, to avoid the direct view to the outside.


The thick vegetation, mostly evergreen, is emphasized by floodlights TITO 25 landspike in stainless steel with IP 68 degree, these fittings thanks to small dimensions, could be easily hidden into the flower boxes, and leave space for lighting effects created by the optical grade PMMA lenses.


TITO 55 in stainless steel with IP 68 degree, immersible and recessed installed, illuminate the left wall with the waterfall, by carrying out the double function of creating lighting effects with the stretch of water and giving a decorative illumination on the side of the wall. The wall on the right, about two meters high, is completely enlightened by the recessed mounted Inground 110 with adjustable narrow beam.


The recessed wall-mounted Nadir with asymmetric optic, placed on the entrance side of the terrace, allow a general illumination of the location, according to the circumstances. Finally the crossing spaces among sittings areas are enlightened by recessed mounted Inground 25 in stainless steel and placed in line. A multimedia system manages all the fittings to create various lighting scenarios according the situation.




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