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Arcluce ofrece una amplia gama de productos de iluminación para uso en exteriores. Los productos diseñados y producidos manteniendo un alto nivel de calidad.


Corpo in tecnopolimero infrangibile, autoestinguente V2, antingiallimento, stabilizzato ai raggi UV.


Square shaped outdoor fitting, characterized by the peculiar angle of 15 degrees, suitable for lighting residential areas. Thanks to the wide range of screens, SQUARE can be integrated in any architectural context: a diffuse light effect is achieved through the polycarbonate screen, whereas a directional beam is provided by the frame with louvre. Many accessories allow different ways of installation, as a wall-recessed or surface mounted fitting.


ELLIS is a wall-mounting fitting for outdoor installations (suitable also for indoor, arcades, verandas etc), created to enhance the architectural structures through the light, emphasizing entrances, façades, columns, and any other architectural element
requiring to be accentuated or underlined. Thanks to the elegant design, characterized by its elliptical line, discrete and not projecting, it can be integrated without abruptions or discontinuities in the architectural environment in which it is installed.



Geometric shapes which compound and split, creating different technical solutions but always talking the same formal language: this is the basic concept of LESTER, a fitting for urban and street lighting characterized by its clean and innovative design, which plays with the possibilities of combination between two conic sections realized in die-cast aluminium. A wide range of dedicated accessories allows to choose between several versions of pole-attachment: double, single, with straight or curved arm. An original design with a great personality, that meets the thorough study of the optics and the variety of light sources: LESTER houses metal halide or high-pressure sodium 150W, 250W and 400W lamps, plus the Cosmopolis 140W lamp. The opening of the optic compartment is done by die-cast aluminium clips and without need of any tool.


Equipment for urban street application for mast diameter 102mm. Made entirely of aluminum, housing street asymmetrical optics light pollution zone 1 cut-off. Available in versions with electronic and compensated electromechanical wiring. 


Range of urbn furniture for street applications, conic section for installation on 102mm diameter pole. Double-insulation wiring on removable wiring plate in galvanized steel, double-insulation wiring cables with silicon sheath resistant to high temperatures and external screws in stainless steel. Available in two sizes: 1 PANTHEON (size and higher power) is suitable for metal halide lamps 150W E27 and E40 250W, 150W and 250W high pressure sodium E40. PANTHEON 2 (size and lower power) is suitable for metal halide lamps 70W and 100W E27 high-pressure sodium 70W E27 or 60W and 140W Cosmowhite PGZ12. Available in versions with electronic and compensated electromechanical wiring. Accessorized with outreaches of urban single or double (also at various heights, for road side and pavement side).


Series of projectors for external, body with wide cooling fins in die-cast aluminum painted with powder paint resistant to salt spray fogs. Opening of the frame (for the installation and for the replacement of the lamp) through convenient stainless steel hooks that do not require the use of tools; the frame remains hanging from a hinge mechanism. Corrected wiring on removable zinc-plated steel, suitable for metal halide lamps from 70W to 400W high pressure sodium from 70W to 400W. Available in versions with symmetrical or asymmetrical.

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