Lighting Effects

T-RAIL, the elegant inground recessed luminaire.

The special structure with stainless steel counter housing and IP68 protection rating make T-RAIL a highly durable luminaire, which is suitable for functional lighting of urban and residential areas that are also exposed to the presence of water and moisture. Moreover, comfort optics made of tempered glass ensure a soft and pleasant lighting effect.

  • Linear design that integrates naturally into various architectural contexts
  • Versatility: suitable for single or in-line installations via cascade connection
  • Applications: underpasses and light pathways in public or residential areas
  • Walkable, 500Kg static load capacity
T-RAIL comfort


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0782095C-940-34 extra wide flood 110° 3.5W 4000K 90 REM-D 35mm 80mm 250mm
0782096C-940-34 extra wide flood 110° 7W 4000K 90 REM-D 35mm 80mm 500mm
0782097C-940-34 extra wide flood 110° 14W 4000K 90 REM-D 35mm 80mm 1000mm