Lighting Effects

Facade linear appliance which can be used as single or multiple piece installation to create variable lengths of continuous light tracks. Minimal design combined with remarkable strength gives an optimal solution for illuminating a wide range of facades.

  • Extruded aluminium body and die-cast aluminium caps to ensure high resistance
  • Silicone gaskets guarantee a strong seal in order to maintain the IP rating
  • Screen manufactured from transparent or satin thermal-shock resistant tempered glass
  •  Assorted optics available to achieve different effects, from narrow to ultra-wide and wall-washer beam angles
  • Wide range of colour temperatures to ensure adaptability to projects requirements
  • Usable with BLE technology to enable remote control

Ideal solution to illuminate facades, buildings exteriors and outdoor architectural elements

KRIO krio


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0484006C-840-21 narrow 10° 24W 2100lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm
0484005C-840-21 medium 25° 24W 2050lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm
0484007C-840-21 wide flood 48° 24W 1850lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm
0484004C-840-21 elliptic 9°x55° 24W 1950lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm

Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils

Daugavpils is a Latvian city famous for being the birthplace of Mark Rothko, prominent abstract expressionist during 50/60s in New York.

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