Pendant luminaires


Lighting Effects

Pendant light fitting for indoor lighting with an elegant aluminium structure and adjustable spots. Different source composition enables high versatility and adaptability to specific projects requirements.

  • Simple and elegant die-cast aluminium body, extruded aluminium trim and crossbars
  • Adjustable spot lights that move both horizontally and vertically to achieve the perfect position
  • One, two or three spots versions to match any project requirement
  • Range of optics available with recessed sources (GC) to achieve different lighting effects and visual comfort
  • Available with BLE technology to enable remote control

Ideal solution to illuminate stores, show-rooms, naves, architectural elements and passageways

HIGH-SPOT performance - 2 modules
performance - 2 modules


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0238011A-830-21 medium 24° 68W 2x3650lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 238mm 56mm 496mm
0238012A-830-21 flood 40° 68W 2x3650lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 238mm 56mm 496mm
0238013A-830-21 wide flood 60° 68W 2x3550lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 238mm 56mm 496mm