Lighting Effects

The ceiling-recessed downlight for general and functional lighting of interiors. The elegant design, the quality and variety of the optics enable an uncommon versatility of use, with high visual comfort able to enhance different architectural environments. 

  • Simple and elegant design, that integrates seamlessly into any environment
  • Versatility: variety of optics with controlled light emission (UGR<19), suitable for display screens
  • Available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable remote control
  • Application: illumination of shopping centers, offices, terminals, museums, theaters and exhibiting areas.

Ceiling recessed luminaire for indoor lighting with elegant round design
with glass


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0362004A-830-11 ultra wide flood 86° 21W 1700lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 141mm 101mm
0362009A-830-11 ultra wide flood 86° 27W 2350lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 141mm 101mm