Bollard lights


Lighting Effects

Bollard dedicated to public, residential and architectural lighting, with a cylindrical design of high protection degree. It is available in different colour temperatures. With screened radial optic, KLOU180 ensures a perfect light flux control, wide lighting and a high visual comfort. In the monodirectional optic version lights perfectly the direction where the light flux is directed to. This bollard does not produce light pollution: the light is directed to the bottom, providing total absence of glare. Ideal solution for parks or garden lighting, or for pedestrian and private paths.

  • Die-cast aluminium body and basement in extruded aluminium elegant and resistant
  • Silicone rubber seals for a high tightness
  • Transparent polycarbonate diffuser, unbreakable and anti-yellowing
  • Available in different heights
Bollards with Smart Functions: power supply/sensors/fuse holder.
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Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge

Since being formed in 1970, the Cambridge Science Park has created a hive of over 100 companies involved in pioneering scientific research and development.

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