Lighting Effects

The recessed wall luminaire with high visual comfort

This steplight is perfect for functional outdoor lighting; specially designed to combine the possibility of creating light paths that improve orientation with an extremely discreet, comfortable lighting.   

  • Elegant, simple design with squared shape, that integrates easily into any environment 
  • High resistance: its aluminium and AISI 316L stainless steel structure make it suitable for environments requiring high protection standards
  • Maximum visual comfort: thanks to the diffusers and to the quality of the ultra-wide optics; ultra-wide optics with different effects, full light, oneway or with louvres, to meet the needs of the lighting project
  • Applications: illumination of  wide outdoor spaces, functional lighting of passageways and access ramps
Arcluce RENIO, GOTHIC180, INGROUND 110 short installation complex Hudson Quarter in York

HUDSON QUARTER - York, United Kingdom

RENIO, GOTHIC180, INGROUND 110 short light up the prestigious development of Hudson Quarter

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