Lighting Effects

The elegant ceiling downlight for interior design

Slim lines, maximum visual comfort, practical ceiling installation: RIGO31 is the perfect lighting solution in many situations, able to add a touch of style and a diffused, comfortable lighting to environments with a modern, elegant interior design

  • Design: with its essential shape this luminaire is perfect to enhance sophisticated interiors, where it integrates seamlessly thanks to its slim design and small size
  • Versatility: the different elliptic and ultra-wide optics, diffusers and color temperatures available allow creating various light effects, meeting the needs of the lighting project. RIGO31 is available for single, in-line and modular lighting systems installation
  • Applications: indoor lighting in commercial and residential environments featuring a minimalist design: homes, stores, offices, hotels
  • Available with Casambi and other control systems
  • The product is supplied complete with all accessories for installation
  • Versions: RIGO31 range also includes recessed, suspended and wall-mounted luminaires; it is available for modular lighting system (go to the Modular System section)