Mosque of Light - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Location: Al Quoz - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Mosque of the Late Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Gargash also known as Mosque of Light, located in Dubai, is one of the largest and most contemporary mosques in the United Arab Emirates.

The mosque owes its name to the late patriarch of the family Gargash that commissioned this project with the aim of creating a minimal, calm and spiritual space.

Lighting is an important factor for architecture in general and more specifically for religious buildings since it plays a symbolical and spiritual role. The particular perforated facade was designed to bring in the natural light into the building in order to evoke a sense of spiritual connection “that allows the worshipper to transition from the busy outer world and prepare for an inner experience”, as architect Sumaya Dabbagh said.

Illuminating key elements of the mosque such as features of the interior and facades allows to shape the space and to convey a sense of the divine. For this reason, our partner Huda Lighting chose the Arcluce products capable of enhancing the particular details of the building.

EQOS1 and EQOS2 are floodlights designed to guarantee excellent light output, wide versatility and energy efficiency. Their modern design, thin and elegant, merges the high technology to allow an optimal lighting performance and enhance the architectural elements. Manufactured with extremely durable materials which guarantee maximum resistance against corrosion and atmospheric agents, EQOS1 is ideal to light medium and large-sized area, while EQOS2 is suitable to illuminate large areas.

INGROUND180 short and INGROUND90 are in-ground luminaires for functional and scenographic lighting. Aesthetics and functionality characterize these products, by making them a versatile and elegant solution for many outdoor lighting projects. INGROUND180 short and INGROUND90 create suggestive light paths that improve safety and redefine the space, by enhancing facades, architectures and natural details. Their AISI 316L stainless steel structure guarantees high resistance, while their wide range of optics, even with RGBW effects and color temperatures make it possible to create decorative light effects that can be customized according to the needs of the project.

KRION-IN is the ground recessed luminaire for the functional and scenographic lighting of interior and exteriors. It creates suggestive light paths thanks to its excellent lighting performance and high versatility of use. The wide range of beam types, colour temperatures, elliptical optics and wall-washer models are suitable for customized lighting design solutions. KRION-IN has been used to magnify the architectural details of the mosque’s facades, as the peculiar triangulated pattern on walls, which gives the building a dynamic appearance and allow for natural light to penetrate into the areas of worship.

LANDSPIKE is Arcluce’s spike floodlight for outdoor accent lighting, perfect for enhancing architectural and natural details thanks to its excellent performance and maximum adjustability with multi-direction positioning for full customization of the light effects. Its simple and compact design and wide range of colour temperatures and optics, make it possible to integrate LANDSPIKE into any environment.

The impeccable combination of natural and artificial light make the Mosque of Light, a perfect example of wise light design aimed at instilling sacred energy throughout the building, by taking advantage of the excellent performances of lighting fixtures.

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