Ogmios City - Vilnius, Lithuania

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Ogmios City is a multifunctional complex located in the northern part of Vilnius that is becoming one of the main centres of attraction in the Lithuanian city. This huge 12-hectare territory, located only a few kilometers from the centre of Vilnius, hosts a outlet shopping center, restaurants and cafeterias, children’s playgrounds, parks and green areas.

The structural layout of Ogmios City ‘open air’ shopping centre, is based on the principles of the formation of the historic city centre: streets, squares, footpaths and parks together create a view of the city within a city.

Elements are designed to ensure that a pedestrian-friendly environment is prioritized, that driving in the area becomes less desirable, that the area is accessible and open to the rest of the city around it, and that public spaces are both pleasant and functional. Some existing elements have been preserved with each modification, ensuring connection to place and familiarity are maintained. New buildings and features integrated the original structure, thus respecting the history of the area and revealing the process of its evolution.

The main elements of the territory - public spaces, streets, squares and parks are created using concrete blocks, asphalt, wood and embellished with fountains and water tanks. Conventional materials such as brick, wood, metal are used to renovate the facades of buildings in the area.

Façades are illuminated by Arcluce’s ELLIS1 the luminaire designed to enhance architectural structures through an accent lighting that highlights details: the light cones emitted by the mono and bidirectional optics ensure the highest quality of lighting together with surprising decorative effects.

Streets and parking areas are illuminated by CONO and LUNIOStreet post-top luminaires, two fixtures characterized by a different but complementary design: CONO has a classical conic shape designed to enhances historical centres and pedestrian areas of classic taste, but also to be put in contrast with more modern-looking urban complexes, as Ogmios City; LUNIOStreet is the future-proof post top luminaire equipped with high performance optics that generate a precise and direct light on the street, without producing any light pollution.

The recessed inground luminaires INGROUND55 and INGROUND180 were implied for illuminating the characteristic fountains in the shape of big showers that in summer become an oasis to stop by where looking for rest and cool off.

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