Lighting Effects

Spike floodlight for outdoor lighting, featuring excellent performances and high versatility. With integrated control gear, extreme flexibility in adjustment and the wide range of optics, this floodlight is the ideal solution to enhance architectural and natural details with accent lighting, 

  • Elegant and resistant die-cast aluminium body
  • Silicone gaskets guarantee a strong seal in order to maintain the IP rating
  • Thermal-shock resistant tempered glass screen
  • Multi-direction adjustement and positioning for full customization of the light effects
  • Assortment of optics to achieve different effects, from narrow to ultra-wide and elliptical beam angles
  • Selection of colours to maximize adaptability to different environments
  • Wide range of colour temperatures to ensure adaptability to projects requirements
Ideal solution for the illumination of decorative elements of monuments, gardens and public spaces
LANDSPIKE landspike


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0686002P-840-16 medium 25° 10W 825lm 4000K 80 PC 80mm 270mm 117mm
0686004P-840-16 wide flood 48° 10W 725lm 4000K 80 PC 80mm 270mm 117mm
0686003P-840-16 ultra wide flood 92° 10W 650lm 4000K 80 PC 80mm 270mm 117mm
0686005P-840-16 elliptic 41°x22° 10W 750lm 4000K 80 PC 80mm 270mm 117mm
0686001P-840-16 elliptic 22°x41° 10W 750lm 4000K 80 PC 80mm 270mm 117mm